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There was a young lady named Lilly,
Who found everything dreadfully silly.
She would wander about,
With an ill-tempered pout,
In gowns rather tight-laced and frilly.

I’m Gemima Puddlechuck. I live here stupid, and it’s where I keep my stuff.
I wish I could hug all the cats, but I can’t. Pink lawn flamingos and fake turf are relevant to my interests. I like cheese, cats, turtles, octopuses, foxes, tattoos, blood, and fluffy things. I’m in love with a boy. He is cute.
I am a silly, tattoo covered freak. I have panic attacks, and drink free-range goon. I have an unhealthy addiction to collecting empty cigarette packets. My cat is named Lamp. I'm studying to become a Forensic Pathologist, I'm also currently moonlighting as a full-time crazy cat lady. I chain-smoke, drink copious amounts of tea, have sex, smoke cones, and swear like a sailor.
I'm 90% socially awkward, 10% hobo. I'm over opinionated, sceptical, and I will eat everything I see. I have crazy amounts of OCD. I will clean everything you love. Seven times. I'm dyslexic as fuck, I honestly don't know my left from my right. I don't sleep. I am happy with my life, immensely so. Plus, I have a little crazy fluff ball kitteh that thinks I am the coolest. What more could I want?. Welcome to my life. Nyan.
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